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We own the Zoltar® trademark and serve to provide you with the most reliable fortune tellers built to stand the test of time. Zoltar comes in 4 different models: Nostalgic, Deluxe, Standard, and Economy. Compare models by clicking below.

Building Zoltar by Hand

Everyone loves the all-knowing animatronic fortune-telling machine that has made iconic appearances in hundreds of locations and in homes around the world. Zoltar inspires nostalgia for many who encounter him. Olaf Stanton and his team at Characters Unlimited build every Zoltar by hand in his shop in Boulder City, Nevada. Here's how the magic comes together.

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LVRJ: Boulder City company brings Zoltar fortune-teller, other novelties to life

February 12, 2017In this fantasia of fake eyeballs and talking sheep, the face of the president rests in triplicate on a nearby workbench. “You might recognize this guy,” Olaf Stanton says, gesturing toward a trio of Donald Trump likenesses, spot-on facsimiles with a vaguely sour look. In a showroom a few feet away, a full-scale commander in chief stands, complete with signature red hat...

Great Big Story: Your Wish Is Granted: Building Zoltar by Hand

January 14, 2017Headed for the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, “Pappy’s Remember Zoltar—the fortune-telling machine from the movie “Big”? Well there are hundreds of Zoltar machines across the country, but only one shop that makes them. Olaf Stanton and his team at Characters Unlimited build every Zoltar by hand out of their studio in Boulder City, Nevada. Here's how the magic comes together...

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