Zoltar Locations

Zoltar is available for your location as a revenue share! We have placed Zoltar machines at well-know locations such as Circus Circus Hotels and Casinos, Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, Houdini’s magic shops and many other locations in and around the country. If you think your business would be a great location for Zoltar or any other fortune teller machine. Please contact us to see if you meet our qualifications.

Huge Profits

If your location qualifies to house a Zoltar on a revenue share, the only cost to you would be shipping the machine to you. We supply the fortune cards, technical phone service and replacement parts free of charge for our revenue share machines.

Revenue Share Contact

If you are interested in placing a Zoltar or any other fortune teller machine at your location, please contact us so we can discuss a possible location and terms.

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