Deluxe Zoltar®

This model features a fully animated Zoltar® (talking, eye, head, and arm movement) in our most lush and spacious cabinet style. If you have the space for our Deluxe 33” wide cabinet, we recommend this option.

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Accessories and Customization

Enhance your Zoltar with these add-ons and customizations.

Wireless Microphone to Talk Through Zoltar®

Grab the attention of your visitors with this popular add-on. Our wireless microphone feature allows you to stand at a distance and speak through Zoltar. His mouth magically reacts to each syllable that you are speaking to appear as realistic as possible. Add this fun option to your Zoltar for $425.

Add a remote control that allows you to switch between recorded messages and the wireless microphone from afar for an additional $95.

Breathing Movement

Enhance the realistic quality of your fortune teller by adding breathing movement to the Zoltar body. This movement makes Zoltar’s chest rise and fall to appear as if he is actually breathing. Add this feature for $625.

Motion Activated Attract

Attract messages that entice people to come and play the Zoltar machine can be programmed to be motion activated via an infrared sensor. The motion activation can be programmed for a 2 minute, 4 minute, etc. delay so that the the message isn't playing repeatedly. Add this feature for $75.

Custom Fortune Cards

Add a personalized touch to your Zoltar machine with custom fortune cards. Fortune cards with your logo, special event, prizes, etc. can be printed. Pricing varies based on quantity and fortune card design. Contact us for pricing.

Custom Audio Messages

Custom attract and fortune messages can be recorded for your Zoltar Machine. Pricing varies depending on number and length of messages recorded. Contact us for pricing.

Traveling Case

Protect your machine from damage if you plan to transport Zoltar frequently between locations with our custom made, reusable traveling case. Plastic: $1,500 or Wood: $650.