Compare Zoltar Models


$12,000 Base Price
  • Includes Economy, Standard, and Deluxe features plus:
  • Custom Paint including Blue Crackle Finish
  • Removable scalloped top trim & gold half dome
  • 81.5”H* x 30”W x 29”D *Height without removable scalloped top & gold dome: 77”
  • Approximately 295lbs


$9,400 Base Price
  • Includes Economy & Standard features, plus:
  • More lush and spacious cabinet with ornate trimmings
  • 77”H x 33”W x 28”D
  • Approximately 295 lbs


$8,800 Base Price
  • Includes All Zoltar Model features plus:
  • Head Movement
  • Lighted, flickering sconces
  • Arm Waving over Crystal Ball Movement
  • 77”H x 27”W x 25”D
  • Approximately 250 lbs


$7,300 Base Price
  • Includes only All Zoltar Model features
  • 77”H x 24” W x 24”D
  • Approximately 220 lbs

All Zoltar Models Include:

  • Zoltar® Bust
  • Zoltar® Costume
  • Wheels (optional)
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • Zoltar trinkets (decorations for inside cabinet)
  • Eye Movement
  • Talking Function
  • LED Lighted Ball
  • 2000 Fortune Cards
  • 16 verbal fortunes
  • 4 attract messages
  • Three panes of tempered glass
  • Curtains
  • Dollar Bill or Coin Acceptor

We are the only manufacturer of the Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine - Made in USA. 

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